Locating the Subculture and Serving Them

Imagini pentru Subcultures

The subculture. The audience of passionate individuals who aren’t within the mainstream yet, and most likely don’t wish to be. Yet. But they are a growing power.

Reminisce fifteen years ago. Dale earnhardt jr . was still being a southern poor man’s sport, the meals Network is at its newbie and also the X-Games remained as 5 years away. But over time, they have grown. They have emerged into our everyday. And they have had something in keeping – a subculture.

Dale earnhardt jr . fans trek for their favorite track and spend 3, 4, even five days prior to the race tailgating and enjoying simply spending time with other fans. It’s part circus, part Woodstock, part family reunion, but about food, fun and racing. Through the years, it’s developed group of followers, so loyal other sports turn to it for guidance. Because the Dale earnhardt jr . subculture increased, so did the game itself until it burst into recognition. New tracks were built-in places like California, Chicago and Vegas (with one being built-in New You are able to at this time). Corporations required note and just what used to be an activity focused on the “good ol’ boy network” was now about network television, Wall Street sponsors and in a major way money.

Based on Forbes, “the typical Dale earnhardt jr . team banks $12.3 million in profits, or roughly 15% of revenue” every year. Note that’s each team, staggering for any sport that, to this day, has a stigmatism of “low tech, low class and occasional budget”. Forbes also notes that Roush-Fenway Racing is worth $316 million dollars, Hendrick Motorsports at $297 million, and Joe Gibbs Racing worth $173 million. That’s big bucks which increased from moonshine runners and hot rodders attempting to convince one another who had been the quickest.

And that is the strength of a subculture. It comes down to passion, attracts others and grows just like a tsunami and lands squarely on Primary Street, USA. Consider the Food Network, watch how passionate the television chefs have to do with eating. Watch the X-Games. Spot the shear determination the snowboarders, half-pipers and free stylers possess attempting to accomplish the following epic move. Then apply around and find out the number of dedicated fans they’ve. Those that follow their every move. Mimic their expertise and purchase they products they will use.

Looks nearly the same as Dale earnhardt jr . fifteen years ago, does not it?

Discover the subculture and serve them. Think with 15-year vision, imagine how this group will grow and finally become mainstream later on. Then, afterwards, when Wall Street is available in, the systems dominate and sponsorship money needs to be introduced in by Brinks, you’ll be firmly entrenched, be a specialist in what they need to understand, possess the contacts and connections they anxiously seek.

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