Future Technology and Innovative Concept Topics and Ideas for Think Tanks and Radio

Greetings and welcome my radio listening viewers and online post viewers. On this 19th working day of Oct 2012 We’re going to certainly be discussing long run technology, potential innovations, and futuristic concepts. Indeed, I absolutely hope the Mayan calendar was Incorrect, Or maybe People carving it just ran away from stone basically, ran from rock to chisel on, for that reason the globe is going to be saved from no matter what it was the Mayans assumed may possibly provide about a new age or renewal.

Ok so, I might love to dive into our topics for present day radio converse show and I’m certain by now you understand the format, mainly, “I’ll do the talking for around thirty minutes minus commercials along with your job is usually to hear cautiously, think of feedback and issues, and after that I’ll open up the cellular phone strains to listen to what You will need to say.” As In addition, you possibly know I tend not to reply to on the web responses which are not intellectually primarily based. That doesn’t indicate You can not have an feeling, nor does it indicate that it has to be the same as mine. In actual fact, if you need to do a lot of preaching into the choir, I’ll just cut you off, Most likely agree with you, and Visit the following caller.

Our job is to acquire an mental dialogue, dialogue, discussion and discourse. This is why you’re listed here, and that is my mission, and We are going to complete it. Now then, clearly There may be a tremendous level of speak about innovation, the need for innovators and business people inside our country to help keep us potent, vivid, and on the leading fringe of technologies. You will not get any disagreement in this article on that actuality, Even so It appears as In the event the word “innovation” is probably one of the most overused terms during the English language at present, Potentially other than “unsustainable” which by the way, some matters which can look like unsustainable or dire challenges we feel we encounter now, but may well very very well be solved Together with the technologies of the longer term.

Einstein used to express that; “it takes a brilliant particular person to solve a problem, but it will require a creative genius to prevent the challenge from ever taking place to start with place,” and so, I would say that the Inventive geniuses Do not often receive the credit score for solving the problems, however the amazing individual will, whether or not their earlier remedies changed into unintended implications, and they’re rehired to fix the things they broke The 1st time just after supposedly repairing one thing to save lots of us all.

Ok so, Here’s the place I’m going to start out throwing out subjects, with a little bit discussion connected to every one. They are going to operate the gamut all throughout the board from science fiction subject areas to today’s most current and finest systems and what they might indicate for our upcoming. I may also throw out some particular original modern ideas, as I come up with no less than two new original principles on a daily basis, and we could focus on those at the same time if you wish, or perhaps you should have a different subject matter for our dialogue here. Now then let us begin with the primary subject;

one.) Will Bodily Income Survive the Next Three Many years – Hackers and Trade Questioned

The truth is, funds has little or no price – take into account a dollar Invoice, It really is simply a flimsy piece of paper, so how much could it be truly truly worth? Most of us think it is actually value whatsoever it suggests about the face of it irrespective of whether it be one particular greenback, 5 pounds, $ten, $twenty, $fifty, or perhaps a C-Take note. Cash only will work simply because people have faith in its value, and what it should purchase. Many of the money which happens to be developed in recent times in no way essentially exists in a Actual physical sort, it only exists during the digital world. As an example, you could possibly get paid from a Corporation, that cash could be digitally transferred into your banking account. You might then make use of your ATM to acquire a thing, or shell out costs on line, however , you hardly ever had that cash as part of your very hot small arms. Items have improved a great deal in the final a few many years haven’t they?

So what will transpire in another 3 a long time I ask? Will we even now have Actual physical cash, or will all of it be digitized, and can you at any time have any money with your wallet to obtain one thing? There are a few futurists that believe that funds will go out the window, that is definitely to state Bodily dollars, and every little thing is going to be digital in the future. But Imagine if our Culture and civilization will not have faith in electronic dollars? What If they’re concerned that our banks are now being hacked? Not too long ago in the fall of 2012 we’ve pointed out that our financial institutions have come beneath cyber-assaults from Iran at the least Leon Panetta thinks that’s where the attacks originated, but that is to convey Later on if we have a war with One more country that cyber-assaults on our monetary process won’t be incorporated?

In fact, financial warfare is becoming really popular, why just consider the sanctions, trade wars, and our attempts to stop The cash flow from terrorists, drug dealers, dollars launderers, and human traffickers, together with the central banking Laptop or computer systems of rogue country-states as well as their revenue transfers for things such as oil, pure means, and military armament?

Then There is certainly the issue currently where by Increasingly more individuals are earning cellular payments on their cellular private tech gadgets. Today they’re purchasing a cup of espresso, a hamburger, or several things at retail stores. Later on it’d be way more, or if that results in being unreliable or All those individual tech units are increasingly being hacked, Probably via downloaded apps with malware, or from people browsing Internet sites with malware, then persons won’t belief cell payments. Some have recommended that some personalized tech products may really include pre-loaded back again-doors or application that could be employed by hackers to steal data or dedicate id theft crimes.

There may well occur a time wherever people don’t need to obtain nearly anything on the web, or do on the web banking mainly because they You should not have faith in the method, they don’t desire their cash to disappear at some point into somebody else’s account in certain foreign state. Possessing anyone drain your bank account only demands to occur after, and only requires to happen to an in depth Buddy or a member of the family ahead of Everybody they know gets sketchy. In that case you won’t would like to use electronic dollars, and that case more and more people will decide to use Actual physical dollars, hence it is sort of possible that physical income will exist basically as a safety element for many years to come.

But how Protected is your physical funds going to be in the event of a organic disaster, or possibly a wildfire that burned down your own home, or an earthquake? How about a hurricane by using a large tidal surge, a tsunami, or An important river which jumped its financial institutions? Is your Actual physical income Secure, how much safer can it be that the electronic money in that situation? Talking of natural disasters and flooding events, possibly we will improved predict them Sooner or later? Let us take a look at that to get a instant with our next topic;

2.) We Need An actual Examination for one hundred-12 months Flood Mathematical Simulations – A Considered

How can we improved make mathematical simulations for flood zones, or perhaps the proverbial hundred year flood? What can we do to raised great-tune these mathematical designs so that they’re wholly exact? Tons of labor is finished before determined by elevation, and flood mapping. But there is certainly additional to it than that, you will discover a variety of other things to consider coupled with erosion patterns. Allow me to offer you a believed listed here?

We all know the dates, temperatures, rain tumble, and operate-off right, we know historical past, plus we measured the terrain before and soon after right? As a result, any definitely great mathematical simulation for erosion really should glimpse similar to the actual in the event you enter just how the terrain at the time was Using the interim situations to what it’s now. See that time.

You will find there’s pretty interesting YouTube Online video I like to recommend viewing on this topic, nicely a facet difficulty, that of agricultural major soil erosion; “Dave Montgomery – Grime: The Erosion of Civilizations,” now then, allow me to Specific my views on this as, every one of these theories and speculation make a great deal of sense with unrestricted examples within the existing interval on smaller sized scales – common feeling, observable, and so it makes sense, so then, Occam’s Razor survives.

So, my speculation of Dave Montgomery’s lecture and principle could be precisely the same. Indeed, this was an awesome lecture, sound proof, and exploration. Okay so, now we are able to now place forth these conclusions to assist calibrate mathematic soil erosion types and simulations. Now then allow me to check with Yet another problem, or Probably the same query a distinct way;

3.) Can We Use Mathematic Fractal Simulation to Fool A Human When Viewing Erosion Patterns?

If that’s so, would that be just like the Turing Examination? And if so, am i able to call which the Virtual Reality Winslow Check, named right after me for taking into consideration it? For anyone who is a pilot like I am, and you also fly above the terrain, the thing is several patterns of how the mountains and erosion experienced taken spot during the last thousand to ten,000 a long time. You can see floodplains, mountains, canyons, and everything makes sense – you could see particularly how the drinking water flows, or experienced flowed in past times. What if we applied a computer to style and design erosion styles that never ever transpired, and what if we requested a human, Potentially a pilot that has witnessed and flown over this sort of terrain persistently prior to now if it ended up authentic or not?

Are our Pc simulations adequate to fool the human eye? I am talking about a skilled observer who’s got viewed this stuff up to now repeatedly all over again? Is the fact that probable; I feel it can be. And so, how Did you know when thinking about Google Earth When you are investigating a computer rendition, or a fake Birdseye view which perhaps is masking up a armed service base, or a solution location? The fact is You do not, or do you? How about those that do the job to the countrywide satellite intelligence companies, where all they do is examine terrain maps? Could they pick the main difference?

Before you decide to answer that concern, why don’t you use Google Earth about the satellite perspective and fly more than the deserts in Nevada. A number of that stuff appears to be fairly bizarre with Strange colours, but it surely’s all real. In the event you doubt that It is genuine, go ahead and fly over southern Bolivia on Google Earth and take a look at many of that terrain of their salt flats area and up in opposition to the mountains, you have precisely the same appealing colours, Significantly of it doesn’t seem like actual possibly, however it is. A few of the features that NASA has seen on Mars Do not glimpse authentic, but They may be.

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